About Walk & Talk Boston

Walk & Talk Boston is grounded in the belief that visitors are smart and want something more than a generic, forgettable tour of our great American city.

Sure, you can walk the Freedom Trail or visit Beacon Hill or the Public Gardens and Back Bay. They’re all beautiful and enjoyable walks. But, let’s dig a little deeper, learn about the people who built a great city and started the greatest Revolution of all time.

There’s much to be known about names you already know — John Hancock, Samuel and John Adams, and Benjamin Franklin. But what about James Otis, Margaret Kemble Gage, Isaiah Thomas, and the rather amazing Henry Knox — with whom Washington must share credit for his first military victory in Boston Harbor? Their stories are the stuff that make the city come alive.

I like small groups (10 to 16 people makes for an intimate experience), and curious guests who ask as many questions as they wish. We’ll take an unhurried walk through the greatest city in America. (“Greatest” — that’s my opinion — but I’m pretty sure I’m right!)

About Mark

After many years in the travel industry, and managing everything from fall foliage tours to veterinary conferences, I’m returning to my roots, taking people on tour! Nine years ago, I started giving tours for a great non-profit organization* in Boston, and after a COVID delay, I’m delighted to get entrepreneurial again and offer my spin on the best aspects of our remarkable city.

I had the great privilege to meet and chat with author David McCullough, whom I consider among the greatest biographers of the American experience. He stressed the importance of “place” — of being where events actually occurred in order to have a rich understanding of our history. I’ve taken his advice (how could I not!) and will take you to the places where the most important events of our city and country unfolded. It’s always a joy — and honor to be able to share our city with curious visitors. If you decide to walk with me, I promise you warm hospitality and a memorable experience with plenty of “aha moments” as we explore Boston together.

* That great non-profit? Boston By Foot. If my tour is not what you were looking for, check out “BBF”. They offer a wide variety of tours to meet every interest.

Your Guide, Mark