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Walk & Talk Boston’s tour of The Complete Freedom Trail is designed to be unique, fun and informative. Your guide, Mark, is highly experienced guide and will share the story of the origin of the American Revolution, plus expand and explore new subjects when you want to ask questions that are not part of the tour. The Freedom Trail connects sixteen historic locations in Boston, and Mark will tell the story of the people and events that propelled Colonists to war with the most powerful nation in the world.

The Complete Freedom Trail tour is the most highly rated tour that visits Bunker Hill and the USS Constitution!

My tours are not: Crowded! (I set a maximum of 16 guests.) Not costumed! I never thought wearing period clothing enhanced the narrative. I do not tell bad jokes. You might get a laugh here and there, but never at the expense of the men and women who built our city and nation.

My tours are: focused on making every tour the “best ever” and a highlight of your time in Boston.

We were brand new in 2022.  I had a wonderful inaugural first season and fantastic year in 2023 with many sold-out tours and 1400 guest from around the US and the world. 2024 is off to a great start and I’m delighted to hit the streets again with you, my curious and enthusiastic visitors!

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Walk & Talk Boston has earned the Viator/TripAdvisor Badge of Excellence. So, yes, I’m the new tour in town, but no one has better reviews! Just look! 



Welcome! You've found Boston’s best Freedom Trail tour!


Did you know this is the only tour that actually visits all stops on the Freedom Trail?

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